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A Vow to Myself

Hi there, it’s Ally here. After I spilled my guts during the last post, I decided to go more light on this one.  😉

I am making a vow today.  

With the busy life of being a working mom & wife, I have lost a passion that I once had…. to read.  I enjoy reading any self-help book, nutrition & fitness book, motivational readings, biographies, some fiction, & of course some of those cute books that I still read my 4 year old daughter! My room & bookshelves are filled with books….a lot of great books that when I bought I thought they would enlighten me & I couldn’t wait to read. So the problem is not having material to read, it is the completion of a book. I honestly cannot remember the last book that I finished. Sad, I know. I guess I get sidetracked with everyday life & duties, and by the end of the day I end of passing out or watching a movie or documentary on Netflix. Lazy, I know. 🙂

Just a few of the books that await my attention…

  • Stepparenting by Jeannette Lofus
  • The 5 Love Languages of Children by Chapman & Campbell
  • A Better Way to Think by H. Norman Wright
  • 52 Things Kids Need from a Mom by Angela Thomas
  • Have a New Kid by Friday by Dr. Kevin Leman
  • Life Strategies by Dr. Phil
  • The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey
  • The Raw Truth by Jordan Rubin
  • Gut and Psychology Syndrome by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride

I vow to read (at least)  ONE book a month! 

I say one book a month because that is very attainable for me. The first book that I will read & finish is StepparentingI think this book will be the most helpful to me right now in my life. My oldest two children are mine by marriage, and I have been raising them for almost 6 years now. With their birth mother not being in the picture, they have called me “mom” from the very beginning. I love them like my own, but sometimes there’s certain challenges (& heartaches) that go along with being a stepparent. (Btw, we never use the words “stepmom” & “stepkids” around the house).  They are 9 & 10 yrs old, the ages that they start to have difficult questions about their past life & situation. I want to be able to handle their concerns with grace, understand my position as the stepmom (now & when they are grown), & respect my husband with the wishes that he has for the kids.

So that is my plan. Wish me luck, I will need it. 🙂 If you are a mom & struggle with this or something else, I would love to hear about it. Also have you read any of the books that I listed above? If so, what did you think? Do you have any other book suggestions for me? Thanks, & I will write soon.

Ally Maw



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