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Just throw the Grumpy on the wall!

As you can imagine, life has been busy with a newborn and a headstrong three year old little man. Life is good and enjoying every minute of Motherhood —well except one— that moment when your precious, beautiful loved one throws the biggest temper tantrum ever! Don’t deny it, it happens to everyone! The moment when you look at your child and wonder if you picked up the wrong kid from daycare?

This is how throwing the Grumpy on the wall came to light. It was one of those mornings of trying to orchestrate our morning schedule when all of a sudden my son throws the biggest temper tantrum ever! And nothing worked to appease him. And as moms we are constantly coming up with ways (“games”) to both keep the peace while getting your little ones to do what we want. Needless to say, I had to throw the Grumpy on the wall. Bending down while making the loudest suction noise I possible could I proceeded to extract my son’s Grumpy, ball it up into a nice tight ball, and pitch it like a Major League Baseball Player onto the nearest wall.


It worked! My son was now laughing and forgot whatever it was that was making him unhappy (still not sure what it was) and we were able to proceed with our day. In fact my son loved it so much we ended up throwing my three month old daughter’s grumpy onto my son’s teacher’s car since a wall was not available. Joey loved it! And it was quite comical to try and explain to his teacher that they needed to go through the car wash to wash the grumpy off.

So now when anyone is in a bad mood — we just throw the Grumpy on the wall! This is usually how my husband wakes up every morning – with my son “sucking the Grumpy out”. One can’t wake up in a bad mood after that! And if done right, nobody can resist laughing. At the end of the day, laughter is the best medicine.

To your non-grumpy day!


P.S. If anyone knows of a good cleaner to remove Grumpy — let me know!

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