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Bill would tell state how much of its water goes to bottlers

Bill would tell state how much of its water goes to bottlers.

Rain Cloud Costume

you and mie

Halloween is almost here!!  I LOVE making costumes and a few weeks ago, I posted this tutorial as part of The Train To Crazy’s Handmade Costumes series – click the link to see all the creative costumes that have been shared so far!

Since then, this costume made it onto the list of 21 Most Clever Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids on Babble, was selected as inspiration for Craftbaby’s DIY Halloween Costume Contest (go check it out and enter your costume!) and yesterday it was featured in a Martha Stewart Living article, DIY Kids’ Costumes from our Favorite BloggersMartha Freakin’ Stewart, people!!  I nearly died.  (Check out Kristin’s Fanstastic Mr. and Mrs. Fox outfits on the Babble and MSL lists too!)  I really didn’t expect any sort of reaction to this simple costume, so I’m, quite frankly, shocked.  And psyched.

Anyways, I wanted to bring this post…

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Organic skincare for eczema

I will be on the look out for this product. My sister and I have been battling eczema since we were small chidren (and now we are in our mid & late 30’s). Thanks for the post!

Ally @  &

Mulondon Blog

“I had a small patch of eczema on my elbow, and after using this once, I checked the next morning to find it all gone!!” – Emily tests MuLondon Organic Rose cleanser and moisturiser and reviews them on her blog. Check it out!

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Buying Vegan Groceries on A Budget

Great info here!

Home Improvement Resource

groceries in philadelphiaHi!!  Heather from So I’ve been talking a lot lately about groceries and how to maintain a healthy diet and a healthy grocery list and keep it on a budget and all that good stuff. And today well talk about things that are important to leave off your list because that is just as important as what you actually buy. When I first met Phil, he would always buy these baby carrots they come with little bags, they’re pretty expensive. When I showed him how much cheaper the regular carrots where he was pretty impressed. I think that might have helped my chances.

Anyway, and now he sees them as much of a rebuff as I do. So something’s that I used to buy and don’t anymore, mainly condiments, sauces, things in jars, things in cans because they often have things added to them. Salad dressings that come in…

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Glowing Green Smoothie #2

I want to try this Green Smoothie!

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