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Jenn Karasek

Welcome to our blog – two sisters striving to be loving partners and the best parents while committing ourselves to making a difference in this beautiful world we live in.

My name is Jenn Karasek and I reside in sunny Tampa, FL with my two favorite men – Michael, my husband, a very talented Executive Chef, and our son Joey (will be 3 yrs. in a month) along with our beautiful daughter Ella (2 months) who came into this world earlier this summer. I am truly blessed.

For the past thirteen years, I have worked in the Real Estate Profession for both Residential and Commercial Companies. Through my career and experiences, I have been rewarded by growing both professionally as well as personally.  When time allows, I enjoy biking, walking (preferably along the water), yoga, Pilates, painting, writing, kayaking, attending art shows and festivals, and spending time with my family.

Since becoming a Mother, I have found a new passion in doing my part to make a difference in both the World we live in and in my family’s lives. This is how came about. Two Sisters/Mothers wanting to find a way to help our children’s lives be more enriched while teaching them the benefits of going green, using more organics, and embracing eco-friendly ways.

I admit I have a long way to go in my new journey, however I look forward to learning new things, meeting new people, and living a better life.



Jenn & Michael

Michael and Joey at the beach 

Joey my beach boy 

Joey and his pea plant 

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