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Buying Vegan Groceries on A Budget

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groceries in philadelphiaHi!!  Heather from So I’ve been talking a lot lately about groceries and how to maintain a healthy diet and a healthy grocery list and keep it on a budget and all that good stuff. And today well talk about things that are important to leave off your list because that is just as important as what you actually buy. When I first met Phil, he would always buy these baby carrots they come with little bags, they’re pretty expensive. When I showed him how much cheaper the regular carrots where he was pretty impressed. I think that might have helped my chances.

Anyway, and now he sees them as much of a rebuff as I do. So something’s that I used to buy and don’t anymore, mainly condiments, sauces, things in jars, things in cans because they often have things added to them. Salad dressings that come in…

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